NACU serves as a resource for research, conducting comparative studies that provide an opportunity for NACU campuses to share knowledge that contribute to data-driven decisions and improved strategy. Both longitudinal and short-term research projects collect and analyze data that aim to create efficiencies and positive change. NACU receives grant funding for some projects.

Examples of NACU research studies include:

Benchmarks for Efficiency and Change, a research study funded by the TIAA Institute that collects and analyzes direct and indirect costs for the delivery of instruction. Data analysis will yield the effective operating margins that support financial sustainability.

Educating for Civic Professionalism, a learning agreement with the Kettering Foundation to understand the role of academic leadership in advancing civic professionalism.

Monthly Enrollment Dashboard, a partnership with Applied Policy Research that looks at monthly enrollment data as a benchmark for tracking progress.

NACU Quick Studies, a series of brief studies based on campus interest in areas of academics and operations.

Net Tuition Project, a partnership with Applied Policy Research that compares and analyzes annual net tuition and the impact on campuses. This study has been conducted for more than ten years.

For more information about NACU research projects, contact Sean Creighton.