Connect, Collaborate, Champion!

NACU’s podcast — Connect, Collaborate, Champion! — wrestles with current and future challenges and opportunities in higher education while providing practical insight for campus leaders.

Each episode will feature a unique perspective from higher ed insiders, private industry experts, and other voices to capture new ways of thinking about higher education.

The podcast also will foster a better understanding of an integrated liberal, professional, and civic education.

Thank you to our partner public radio station 91.3 FM WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio!

Ep. 1. Risk Management in Returning to Work

As higher education prepares to re-open for the fall, we spoke with Bob Bowman, director of Risk Management at The Wendy’s Company, about the mindset and approach needed for mitigating risk for returning to campus.

Ep. 2. My First Year as a First-Time College President

The 2019-20 academic year turned into one of the most unique in the history of higher education. We connected with Dan Lugo, new president at Queens University of Charlotte, about his first-year experience leading through a crisis and his advice to the next cohort of new presidents.

Ep. 3. My 15th and Final Year as a College President

After a very successful 15-year run as the president of Nazareth College in Rochester, NY, Daan Braveman has retired. We asked him to reflect on his tenure as a revered leader, including what he loves about Naz.

Ep. 4. COVID will Change Everything

We talked to Paul Friga about efficiencies, growth, and collaboration. As we hoped, Paul is provocative and offers strong guidance for higher education leaders about the future. Information and resources mentioned in the interview can be found at ABC Insights.

Ep. 5. The New Leadership Imperative: Tech Literacy

While technologies are enabling disruption, do students understand how businesses are being transformed? We talked to Scott Allen, Reid Chair in Management at John Carroll University, about teaching students about the future of work and the importance of tech literacy. Here is Scott’s article referenced in the interview.

Ep. 6. Generation Z Entering the Higher Education Workforce (airs Oct 13, 2020)

Out of the seven generations alive today, four are in the workforce. Generation Z, the latest to enter the higher ed workforce, may bring about lasting changes. We asked Corey Seemiller, leading expert and author of numerous books on Generation Z, for her insight.

Ep. 7. COVID’s Impact on Global Education (airs Oct 26, 2020)

How has the pandemic as well as policy in the United States impacted global education for colleges and universities? What are new trends in delivering American education abroad? Karin Fischer, correspondent for The Chronicle of Higher Education and author of the weekly newsletter Latitudes, shares her perspective on global education in both a pre- and post-COVID era as well other topics of interest.

Ep. 8. Citizen Professionalism (airs Nov 16, 2020)

What is a citizen professional? How must higher education prepare professionals differently? Why do professionals need to see themselves as citizens working with citizens and not on citizens? These questions and more are addressed in this interview with Harry Boyte, the leading scholar on the subject of citizen professionalism. His writings can be found at