Connect, Collaborate, Champion!

NACU’s podcast — Connect, Collaborate, Champion! — wrestles with current and future challenges and opportunities in higher education while providing practical insight for campus leaders.

Each episode will feature a unique perspective from higher ed insiders, private industry experts, and other voices to capture new ways of thinking about higher education.

The podcast also will foster a better understanding of an integrated liberal, professional, and civic education.

If you have an idea for a podcast guest, please email Michelle Apuzzio.

Season 2 Episodes (most to least recent)

Ep. 2. Why Liberal Arts Matter for STEM Majors (Sept. 20, 2021)

Melinda Zook, history professor and director of Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts at Purdue University, initially set out to make sure that STEM majors were exposed to liberal arts courses. It resulted in a grant-funded program with a national reach. In this episode, she discusses the evolution of the program and its impact on undergraduate education.

Ep. 1. Succeeding at Digital Transformation (Aug. 17, 2021)

Mac McIntosh, VP for Information Services and CIO at the University of Richmond, talks about technology’s role in supporting new ways of teaching, learning, and working. He also covers threats in higher education, such as ransomware, and why collaborative conversations are so important.

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