NACU campuses are private, comprehensive institutions that purposefully integrate liberal arts, professional preparation, and civic engagement. They embrace the legacy of Ernest Boyer who called for higher education and scholarship to be a service to society and who praised institutions that recognized the importance of teaching. NACU campuses connect their students with their communities to ensure that students can apply classroom knowledge beyond the campus and understand their roles as responsible citizens.

Membership Process

The NACU membership committee reviews institutions that fit the NACU criteria and then forwards its recommendations to the NACU Board of Directors for approval and inclusion in the network. The guiding criteria includes:

Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Private institution
  • Academic model that purposefully integrates the liberal arts, professional studies, and civic engagement
  • Small to medium-size enrollment (approximately 2,500 – 8,000 students), the majority of whom are residential students
  • Financial stability
  • Recognized by peers for academic quality
  • Programs for undergraduate, graduate, and adult-learners
  • Students take general education courses that are consistent with the values of a liberal arts education
  • Students engage in community-based learning, undergraduate research, or other forms of experiential learning

In an effort to build and maintain a trusted community, and because NACU campuses share openly and honestly, NACU is committed to protecting its non-competitive environment. Therefore, the NACU Board of Directors generally does not consider institutions that compete directly with a current NACU campus.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a NACU campus, please contact Sean Creighton.