The NACU Student Exchange allows students to study for a semester at another NACU campus, providing an opportunity for a college experience different than that of one’s home campus while ensuring the quality of education remains the same.

Programs known as Signature Experiences take advantage of an institution’s expertise and/or location to provide a course of study tailored to specific interests, often including hands-on learning, such as internships.

Signature Experiences

The New York Semester at Manhattan College
Riverdale, NY | Spring semester

Students from Manhattan college

The Urban Studies Program at Manhattan College’s Semester in New York program takes advantage of the College’s location in New York City. Students will be offered a full slate of Urban Studies courses, taught by faculty in history, psychology, sociology, English, environmental studies and other departments, as well as the opportunity to join other classes they need for their degree, space permitting. As a liberal arts college in New York City in the Lasallian tradition, Manhattan College can offer students access to its networks of alumni and internships to make the most of their time in New York City.

The program includes:

  • Classes in Urban Studies, including field trips around the city led by professors
  • Full integration into Manhattan College life, including on-campus housing, meal plan, access to all student services
  • Co-curricular ways to enjoy all that New York City has to offer, including the Slice of New York, Saturdays in New York, and Campus Ministry and Social Action initiatives

This program has additional fees as follows:

  • Health Services Fee: $80
  • Information Services Fee: $340
  • Housing (if needed): $7,800

Manhattan College program contact:
Adam Arenson, director of the Urban Studies Program, 718-862-7317;

The Entertainment and Music Business Semester at Belmont University
Nashville, Tennessee | Both semesters

Robin Foster’s Documentary Experience class shoots a music video at Belmont University

Based in Music City, this program affords students the chance to take courses in music business, recording technology, and the entertainment industry at the internationally renowned Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business at Belmont University. Students can network with industry professionals and gain real-world experience by taking advantage of Belmont’s close proximity to Music Row, home to major and independent record labels, publishing houses, recording studios, production houses, and radio networks. Rolling Stone and Time magazines have both ranked Belmont University as one of the “top music business schools” in the United States.

Courses include: Survey of Music Business, Survey of Recording Technology, The Nashville Experience, Creative Entertainment Technologies, Copyright Law, Internship and Career Foundations. Students will also perform an internship in Music Business (30 hours/week).

Belmont University program contacts:
Doug Howard, dean of CEMB, 615-460-6272;

Tina Adair Dishman, director, CEMB Academic Advising, 615-460-6892;

Publishing Semester at Belmont University
Nashville, Tennessee | Both semesters

In addition to its renown music and recording scene, Nashville boasts a robust book publishing industry (second only to New York), giving students majoring in English, Public Relations, Journalism, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Communications, and other business and liberal arts categories unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience through internships at a variety of book and magazine publishing companies. Publishing companies in the Nashville area include Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Turner Publishing, Methodist Publishing House, Ingram Content Group, Worthy Publishing, Athlon Media, as well as a number of smaller publishing companies and book-related marketing and public relations firms. Additionally, students produce the national literary magazine Belmont Story Review, overseeing both the editorial and marketing side of the business, selecting manuscripts, working with emerging and award-winning authors, and producing and posting social media content.

Courses include: Fiction Editing, Nonfiction and Technical Editing, Copyediting, Publishing Process, Business of Publishing, Media Relations and Branding, Publishing Workshop, Copyright and Publishing Law, and Social Media in PR.

Belmont University program contacts:
Doug Howard, Dean of CEMB, Johnson Center 353, 615-460-6272;

Tina Adair Dishman, Director, CEMB Academic Advising, Johnson Center 340, 615-460-6892;

General Student Exchange Locations

In addition to the Signature Experiences listed above, other NACU campuses may offer the opportunity for students to study there for a semester while taking courses from their general catalogs. If you would like to study at a NACU campus for a semester, please ask your campus’ Student Exchange contact to reach out to Michelle Apuzzio, senior director of programs and communications at NACU.