The Washington Internship Institute is NACU’s Washington DC semester program.

The Washington Internship Institute includes:

  • Individualized internship placement for each student. Work as an intern four days per week; go to class one day per week. Classes include a Core Course, focused on policy issues, and the Internship Seminar, an opportunity for students to reflect on their internship experience, corporate culture, the working world, and building career skills.
  • Apartment housing available for all students. These are generally two-bedroom, two-bathroom units shared by four students with easy access to public transportation.
  • Social and cultural programming for interns
  • Opportunities in fall, spring, and summer

Students can access the application instructions here.

Read about a University of New Haven student’s experience.

Watch videos of students discussing their experiences.

Learn more about the Washington Internship Institute program.

Why consider the Washington Internship Institute?

If you are a NACU campus interested in participating in this program or if you are unsure of your campus contact for this program, please contact Michelle Apuzzio, NACU senior director of programs and communications.