In partnership with Acadeum, NACU’s online course sharing consortium allows campuses to seamlessly share online courses to support students, solve challenges, and generate additional revenue.

How does it work?

Powered by Acadeum and operating within the CIC course sharing platform, participating NACU campuses have access to the entire catalog of offerings while being able to easily identify and approve courses offered from other NACU campuses. This enables campuses to direct students to high-quality courses offered by institutions that are similar in mission and philosophy. Campuses can choose to participate as home institutions (allowing students to take courses) and/or teaching institutions (offering courses on the platform).

Watch a webinar featuring three NACU campuses and their experience with the Acadeum online course sharing platform.


What are the benefits?

  • Expand programming offered to students, which can help to overcome scheduling conflicts or provide access to courses not offered at the home institution.
  • Support certificate and degree programs with additional online offerings
  • Fill open course seats, for institutions that choose to become teaching institutions.

How to Participate

To learn more, contact Michelle Apuzzio, Senior Director of Programs & Communications at NACU, or Nathan Green, Chief Development Officer, at Acadeum.