About NACU

In 1995, the New American Colleges and Universities was founded as a collaborative network of institutions that purposefully integrate liberal arts, professional programs, and civic engagement. Perhaps more important now than ever, these colleges and universities prepare graduates to be successful in their careers and to contribute as responsible citizens of the world.

To help its campuses remain strong, NACU concentrates on research, strategy, and people development. As a catalyst for strategic collaborations that improve academic and business performance, NACU helps campus leaders make the right decisions with foresight and confidence.

About Our Campuses

NACU campuses seek to model a higher education learning community, grounded in the legacy of Ernest L. Boyer, where the ethos is collegial and student-centered. They combine a strong commitment to teaching in a highly personalized liberal arts residential environment with the diverse programs and opportunities of a large research university. Faculty and professional staff share a flexible professional vision that links scholarship, teaching, and service in fulfilling the missions of their institutions. As a consequence of their inclusive character and manageable size, members create an effective blending of classroom and community, coordinating theoretical and experiential learning through undergraduate and graduate research, professional practice and internships, and economic and social development projects in their regions.