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NACU is a national consortium of private comprehensive colleges and universities working together to graduate extraordinary professionals for a global workforce and society.

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NACU connects campuses to collaborate in the delivery of innovative ideas and to champion the belief that a comprehensive liberal, professional, and civic education is essential to the future of our world.

Latest News

Latest News

NACU Podcast: College Honors Programs — What are the Benefits for Students?

February 21, 2024

College honors programs are different than the honors classes that high school students encounter. Forrest Clingerman, d... READ MORE

NACU Podcast: How Does Sports Fandom Affect our Physical Health?

February 7, 2024

Before you grab another plate of the nachos, listen to Aaron Mansfield, an assistant professor of sport management at ... READ MORE

NACU Podcast: Building Diversity in Academia: Faculty Recruitment and Retention

January 10, 2024

This episode dives into the critical conversation of cultivating faculty diversity, an action that benefits not just und... READ MORE

NACU Campuses Have a Distinctive Mission

NACU campuses are private, comprehensive institutions that purposefully integrate liberal arts, professional preparation, and civic engagement. They embrace the legacy of Ernest Boyer who called for higher education and scholarship to be a service to society and who lauded institutions that recognized the importance of teaching. NACU campuses connect their students with their communities to ensure that students can apply classroom knowledge beyond the campus and understand their roles as responsible citizens.

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NACU brings together progressive thinkers and innovative agents of change across higher education to share ideas and create unique opportunities for its campuses. Learn more about joining this network of like-minded educators who have dedicated themselves to similar missions, purposes, and values.