NACU campuses know that you don’t need a passport to develop the intercultural skills necessary for today’s diverse communities and job markets.

Students at Manhattan College in NYC

NACU Study Away allows students to study for a semester at another NACU campus, providing an opportunity for a college experience different than that of one’s home campus while ensuring the quality of education remains the same.

In addition, select programs are known as Signature Experiences. These programs take advantage of an institution’s expertise and/or location to provide a course of study tailored to specific interests, often including hands-on learning, such as internships.

NACU Study Away Process

  1. The student should first check with his/her home campus adviser and registrar to make sure credits will transfer and to make sure the program is a good fit for his/her major.
  2. The student should then reach out to his/her campus contact for the NACU Study Away program to indicate that s/he is interested in the program. In general, the deadline is March 1 for fall exchanges and November 1 for spring exchanges. See a list of campus contacts.
  3. The home campus contact should then connect the student to the host campus (the institution at which the student would like to study for a semester) so that the student can complete the necessary application and paperwork.
  4. The student will pay his/her regular tuition to his/her home campus so that the financial aid package remains intact. The student will pay room and board (if applicable), as well as additional program and/or administrative fees, to the host campus.

If you have any questions or you are a NACU campus that would like to offer a new program or make changes to an existing program, please contact Michelle Apuzzio.