Board Elects NACU 2020-21 Executive Committee and Officers

June 8

The New American Colleges and Universities (NACU) Board of Directors recently elected its 2020-21 executive officers and executive committee which are responsible for oversight of the national consortium of private, comprehensive colleges and universities. 

President Troy D. Hammond, North Central College

The Board of Directors elected the following executive officers:

  • President: Sean Creighton, president, NACU
  • Vice President: Troy Hammond, president, North Central College
  • Secretary: Devorah Lieberman, president, University of La Verne
  • Treasurer: Karen Davis, vice president of administration and finance, California Lutheran University

The following board members will continue to serve on the executive committee:

  • Chair: Troy Hammond, president, North Central College
  • Chair-elect: Devorah Lieberman, president, University of La Verne
  • Membership Chair: Dan DiBiasio, president, Ohio Northern University
  • At-Large Member: Fayneese Miller, president, Hamline University

The immediate past chair position will become vacant with the retirement of Daan Braveman, president of Nazareth College at the end of the month.

“NACU’s strength comes from its board and campuses that are committed to sharing and learning collectively. We are grateful for their commitment to the NACU mission and to one another, especially during these challenging times when we’ve needed each other more than ever,” said Sean Creighton, president, NACU.