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Special Opportunity for Summer 2022!

An unprecedented chance for student journalists and photojournalists to work with award-winning journalists in Thailand. Students have a chance to publish your story or photographs in a major media outlet.


This 4-credit course, “Sustainability and Environmental News reporting from Thailand,” aims to increase the awareness about the complex relationship between political, social and economic development policies and global trade that affect different levels of cultures, social environment and ecosystems. The interconnectedness of key issues including energy, water, pollution, animal/wildlife, and human rights, will be examined. 

On site in Thailand, students will be partnered with early-career Thai journalists at a regional paper. Partners will work together on the same under-reported story about an important environmental issue, collaborating prior to travel via teleconference. If the student’s story is deemed excellent by Round Earth editors, they may decide to pitch the story to a major media outlet in the United States. The Thai partner’s story could potentially appear in a top media outlet in Thailand.

There is a virtual pre-departure seminar series to help prepare students for the in-country program. Sessions in the series will be recorded.

This program is offered by Hamline University. Long-time New York Times contributor Richard Paddock and Hamline University Professor Suda Ishida will co-lead this summer program. Need-based scholarships are available. For questions about the program, email Kate Meyer, Faculty-Led Coordinator & Study Away Programming Specialist at Hamline University.

Photo by Magda Ehlers

China and Japan
Expand your knowledge of East Asia by studying in both China and Japan in one semester. Your first eight weeks of the fall semester will be in Beijing, PRC (at Beijing Foreign Studies University), followed by seven weeks in Kameoka (at Kyoto Gakuen University), just outside Kyoto, Japan. Intensive Chinese and Japanese language study, culture courses, and field trips included. One week free for travel in October. No prior knowledge of Chinese or Japanese language required for this program. Offered in even numbered years in the Fall by North Central College.

Costa Rica
Spend fall semester studying, living with a host family, and working in Costa Rica–first on the Pacific coast and later in the capital city of San José. Study intensive Spanish for the first eight weeks in Manuel Antonio, followed by a mid-term excursion to Nicaragua. The final six weeks include more Spanish instruction, internships, and volunteer community work in San José. No prior knowledge of Spanish required. Offered in the Fall by North Central College.

Photo by Anna Shvets

Germany – Berlin
“Nazareth-in-Berlin” is a full-time fall semester undergraduate program. Students are encouraged to go in their sophomore or junior year, although some seniors can still fit the program into their major. The program includes humanities courses, a professional internship and language learning. Offered in the Fall by Nazareth College.

  • This Program allows students from any academic major and with little or no experience in the language to become exposed to a European capital city environment and international culture.
  • Students live with English-speaking families and experience European life in the heart of the European Union. The Program offers each student three courses in liberal studies taught in English, one course in German language at the student’s own level (including elementary level), and one credit-bearing internship.
  • Internships in Berlin are available in several professional areas such as: telecommunications; informational technology; media; banking; non-profits; international service organizations; education; molecular and micro-biology research; museums; software development companies; mathematics. Internships are unpaid. Berlin is one of the few places on the European continent where students with limited knowledge of the foreign language can effectively perform in a credit-bearing internship while using the English language.
  • Students take German language courses together with other international students at the Neue Schule and are placed in courses from elementary to advanced, according to their present skills. Further language development takes place in a two-language environment with the host families.

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