Change Management Essentials: From Vision to Action — A Change Leadership Roadmap

January 19, 2024
2:00 pm
- 3:15 pm EST


Change is inevitable. Buy-in is not. Most leaders are excellent at driving adaptation to stay competitive. What they get right is what to change. What they often get wrong is implementing that change. Shifting the predictable resistance to change requires an understanding of psychological responses to it. To prevent negative consequences of well-intended change leadership, it’s important to first know why change fails. Then, successful leaders embed a transparent change culture that is applied at all levels.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the steps involved in effectively implementing change, highlighting the significance of the often-overlooked “quiet phase” in cultivating alignment.
  • Recognize the value of past practices while simultaneously championing the necessity for a fresh and compelling future.
  • Identify the common pitfalls that can unintentionally undermine trust and credibility in top leadership during change initiatives.
  • Build a change message using a template that not only ignites commitment but also minimize resistance, fostering a smoother transition during times of change.

This virtual series is included as a benefit for administrators, faculty, and staff at NACU institutions. As it is limited to our campuses, NACU will send registration information directly to you.

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