The Associated New American Colleges are founded as a national consortium of selective, small to mid-size (2,000-7,500 students) independent colleges and universities dedicated to the purposeful integration of liberal education, professional studies, and civic engagement.


ANAC collaborates with The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching on a national faculty survey. The ANAC Faculty Work Project, supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts, develops a blueprint for enhancing faculty-institutional relationships in order to better accomplish the institutional mission.


Anker Press publishes “A New Academic Compact: Revisioning the Relationship between Faculty and Their Institutions” based on the ANAC Faculty Work Project.


ANAC establishes ANAC Study Abroad (ANACSA) to provide students with more options for study abroad.

A TIAA-CREF Institute grant supports a faculty work project to analyze the generational turnover of faculty with a late-career faculty survey.


The TIAA-CREF Institute awards a grant to ANAC for an early-career faculty survey in collaboration with the University of Minnesota. The survey is part of ANAC’s project to address issues and challenges related to the turnover of approximately half of the current faculty cohort over the next decade, as the faculty generation born since 1940 and hired in the 1960s and 1970s retires.


ANAC Student Exchange (domestic study away) begins.


The ANAC Board of Directors votes to change the name to The New American Colleges and Universities, reflecting the fact that most campuses are universities.


NACU presents the first Ernest L. Boyer Award to Alexander and Helen Astin.

The Teagle Foundation awards a planning grant to NACU for “Preparing and Evaluating 21st Century Faculty: Aligning Expectations, Competencies and Rewards.”


The Teagle Foundation awards a grant to NACU for “Preparing 21st Century Students through New Visions for Faculty Evaluation, Campus Governance and Curriculum.”


NACU’s Online Course agreement launches.


NACU publishes “Redefining the Paradigm: Faculty Models to Support Student Learning.”

NACU launches Signature Experiences in its domestic study away program.


At a Congressional Briefing, National Press Club Briefing, and AAC&U Annual Meeting, students from NACU campuses share how the integrated approach to liberal arts, professional studies and civic engagement has made an impact on their lives.

NACU holds its first Science Summit at Belmont University.

Stylus Publishing releases “The Power of Integrated Learning,” a book about NACU campuses’ approach to higher education, by William Sullivan.

NACU hosts its first Digital Scholarship Workshop at St. Edward’s University.


NACU publishes “Refining the Paradigm: Holistic Evaluation of Faculty Support and Evaluation.”


TIAA Institute awards a $45,000 grant to NACU to fund a research project titled “Benchmarks for Efficiency and Change: An Action Research Study on the Cost of Delivery.”


NACU partners with the Kettering Foundation to study civic professionalism.

NACU publishes the first episode of its podcast – Connect, Collaborate, Champion!


NACU releases a new research report, “Benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability: A research study on the cost of delivery,” supported by funding from the TIAA Institute, that examines several factors, including leadership decisions, that have the potential to affect an institution’s financial health. In addition, NACU creates interactive benchmarking dashboards that allow member campuses to measure financial indicators for themselves and their peers.

The Teagle Foundation awards NACU a $25,000 dissemination grant to develop and administer a series for academic leadership and faculty to learn about The Teagle Foundation’s Cornerstone: Learning for Living (CLL) initiative.

NACU faculty researchers present their work on “Professional and Civic Understanding after First Year Seminars.”


NACU launches its Emerging Leadership Institute to prepare the next generation of leaders at its campuses.

NACU aligns with the Washington Internship Institute.


Faculty from NACU campuses secure a grant from the Kettering Foundation for their multi-year research exploring “Professional and Civic Understanding after First Year Seminars.”

NACU completes a third phase of research into Civic Professionalism, also funded by the Kettering Foundation.