Thank you for serving as a NACU Faculty Ambassador!

Chair: Keith Koster, associate professor of music and director of the Music Education Undergraduate Program, Nazareth College

Group email address: ambassadors@nacu.edu

You can use this group email address to reach out to the Faculty Ambassador group when you have a question or want to know what your peers are doing.

If you would like a copy of the group directory, please email Michelle Apuzzio.

The NACU Faculty Ambassadors’ primary objectives are to communicate NACU opportunities to others, especially faculty, on their campuses and to help facilitate collaboration among faculty at NACU campuses. Ambassadors may serve for any number of years or for a finite amount of time.

NACU Programs

NACU has four student-focused programs for which it relies heavily on its campuses to market directly to students. The Faculty Ambassadors play an essential role in helping to spread the word about these programs on their campuses.

Student Exchange

The NACU Student Exchange, also known as domestic study away, allows students from one NACU campus to study at another NACU campus. Some campuses offer specific programs known as Signature Experiences that take advantage of their locations or unique expertise. If you think your campus could offer a Signature Experience or want to learn more about about this program, contact Michelle Apuzzio.

Additional Student Programs

NACU offers three other student-focused programs, two of which enable campuses to fill programs that might otherwise go unused. NACU can help promote your short- and long-term study abroad programs and/or your online courses. NACU campuses have an online course agreement which allows students within NACU to take listed courses during the fall and spring semesters at no additional cost. The student’s home campus decides how many courses the student may take and if credits will transfer. NACU also has an agreement with the Washington Internship Institute that allows its campuses to receive a 10 percent discount on program costs for their students.

Peer External Review Program

NACU’s Peer External Program Review program connects you with faculty or an administrator at another NACU campus to provide an external review of a program, department, or college. By working with like-minded peers, both campuses benefit from this learning engagement.

Expert Webinars

We engage in professional development by leveraging expertise within and outside of NACU. For our webinars, we feature industry leaders on a variety of topics. NACU webinars are open to all administrators, faculty, and staff on campuses. Please share these opportunities with other faculty on your campuses when we send them to you.

Summer Institute

The NACU Summer Institute provides a unique opportunity for professional development, discussion of issues common to our members, and networking. The institute is a catalyst for campus teams to work collaboratively on institutional strategy and improving educational outcomes.


NACU conducts a variety of studies to allow its campuses to compare themselves against their peers. These include a benchmarking dashboard using IPEDS data, grant-funded research, and ‘quick studies’ that respond to your immediate needs and questions. Reach out to Sean Creighton or Michelle Apuzzio with questions or ideas for collaborative studies.