NACU campuses are committed to expanding learning opportunities for their students. To achieve this, some NACU campuses have opened a selection of their online courses to students at other colleague institutions.

Courses are open to students at all NACU campuses; in other words, you may apply for a course even if your campus does not offer any courses as part of this collaboration.

Guide to NACU Online Courses for Students

  • Students who are interested should contact the registrar at the campus offering the course (known as the host campus) to ensure that space is still available during the semester they would like to participate.
  • Students should then check with their home campus advisers and registrars to make sure credits will transfer and to make sure the program is a good fit for their majors.
  • Students will follow the host campus’ instructions to register for the course.
  • There is no charge for courses taken during the academic year (fall or spring semester).
  • NACU does not limit the amount of online courses a student can take, but the home and/or host campus is able to set their own limits.

If you are a NACU campus that would like to offer a course or change existing courses…

If you would like to offer online courses through the consortium (or change your existing offerings), please contact Michelle Apuzzio. Note that campuses offering online courses through the NACU collaboration do not receive tuition reimbursement from the home campus. Since this agreement between campuses only applies to the fall and spring semesters, NACU does not list courses that are offered in the summer.